Cover Girl BB Cream

After watching YouTube tutorials and reviews, I’ve heard a lot about BB creams — and they sounded interesting enough to want to try. BB creams are pretty popular right now and it seems that many of the everyday cosmetic companies want to jump on the bandwagon and sell their own version of the “beauty balm” that first started out in Asia.

BB cream is basically like a super cream for the skin — depending on the brand you purchase, the formula promises to soften skin, offer sun protection and improve the skin’s appearance. I purchased Cover Girl BB cream for about $7, and while I was skeptical about the results, I was pleasantly surprised how smooth it went on and how my skin felt afterward.

I have heard about other brands not absorbing into the skin very well — but this brand went on very light and I could see and feel the difference in my dry Denver skin almost immediately. It’s a tinted cream, so I might even end up using it as a primary foundation when I want light, everyday coverage. I know many makeup artists say the U.S. version of BB cream is nothing like what they sell in Asia, but right now I am pretty happy with my purchase!


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