2012 Golden Globes Red Carpet

It really feels like yesterday that I was sitting down to write about the 2011 Golden Globes, but here we are again with a whole new set of hits and misses. There weren’t too many noteworthy things going on at this event, but there was plenty of new eye candy… aka Jean Dujardin.

One of my FAVE attendees of the night has to be ‘Dog’, from The Artist. Uggie totally stole the show more than once, and for good reason. Isn’t he the cutest thing in the world? Seriously. Best Dressed Male of the NIGHT!

Since Mad Men wasn’t on this year, we had a new show to root for: Homeland. This is one amazing show, and it totally deserved all of the awards it got. Of course, someone needs to explain to me why creepy Kelsey Grammer won for some unknown show on some random cable channel — over Damian Lewis. Okay, I may be biased, but really. Kelsey Grammer?

So, getting to the red carpet. Out of the 10-plus years of watching the red carpet arrivals, this has to be the one year where there was very little disappointment.

Tina Fey looked great in her dress (gasp!):

Heidi Klum didn’t wear something outrageous and actually looked great:

And there were plenty of dresses that I would call my favorites of the night:

Jessica Alba 
I love the color and the style of this dress. One of the best dressed of the night!

Kate Winslet 
Kate can do no wrong in my book. She always looks amazing.

Mila Kunis
Elegant, but fairly simple.

Julie Bowen 
Retro Glam!

Then there were the dresses I didn’t care for too much:

Sarah Michelle Gellar
She explained that her two year old picked out the dress. We can all see that! My worst dressed of the night.

Jane Lynch 
The dress is so plain and boring. It’s really not flattering to her upper body either!

Michelle Williams 
I don’t know why Michelle insists on making herself look 20 years older than she is. Usually a miss for me.

Connie Britton
It’s the GOLDEN GLOBES. This is the best dress you could find? Maybe she thought it was the pre-show luncheon or something.

If you didn’t sit though the award show, you can find a complete list of the winners here.

The Screen Actors Guild Awards are on January 29th, so don’t forget to follow my tweets at GlamorousBlog for the red carpet and awards!



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