These Boots are Made for Walking

I have officially survived my first snowstorm here in Denver, but my shoes are not made for walking in the snow. I LOVE my Coach shoes…think Vans but with little silver ‘C’s all over them and fur on the inside. Yes, my uber-comfy shoes were perfect, until I had to run an errand in two feet of snow. Soaked is what they were, and sliding around is what I did.
Now, I am looking around for the perfect boots that can get me where I am going without broken bones, yet do not look like I raided a tire store and threw something on my feet. I was looking around at Target, and I found some cute rain galoshes. Now, my mother made me wear galoshes when I was in elementary school..when NO one wore them. I was mortified to be the only kid showing up to school dry. Lame, I know. So now that I am 20-something, I want to re-visit the galosh look.

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